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Say cheese.

Discover 3 of the best cheesy dishes on offer in the French Alps.


Melted raclette cheese accompanied by:

Small potatoes, Cornichons/gherkins and pickled onions, a selection of dried meat (jambon cru/cuit, salami and viande des Grisons).


Made using Savoie Reblochon, which is melted in the oven over potatoes and lardons and mixed with onion.


Most traditional fondue recipes use – Beaufort, Emmental and Comté as well as white wine, garlic, cornstarch and a good pinch of salt. Stirring continuously, the cheese mixture is heated, melted and served in a communal pot. Cubes of bread, charcuterie and cornichons are then skewered onto long-stemmed forks and dipped into the fondue pot.


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